What can I expect during the Dance Journey?

We update the elements of this spiritual practice to produce an experience we feel is as powerful as ever.  We work with four elements for the dance journey: dancing with intention, trust, going into the darkness, and breath. 

You create an intention to bring into the dance.  The intention can be for healing physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual parts of yourself.  Another intention can be to get guidance about a situation in your life; e.g. in a relationship or at work.

You can create an intention of receiving insight regarding what is blocking you from what you want, or a pattern that keeps you stuck.  You also can dance to experience something you want in your life - joy, happiness, serenity, playfulness, or ecstasy. 

The second element of dance journey is trust.  Trust in the dance.  Trust in the process.  You can trust that your intention will be responded to during the dance journey. 

You can trust that what comes out of the dance can be used in your life.  The truth of the experience reveals itself in small discoveries and sudden insights over time. 

Using a bandana to cover your eyes brings you into the darkness where your other senses come alive and you can experience what Spirit wants to reveal to you. 

Wearing the bandana also creates a safe space for the dancers to know you are not being stared at, critiqued or judged in how you are moving.  The presenters of dance journey spot for the dancers to keep you safe in the dance.

The setting of the space, explanation of what to expect, guidance, spotting, non-interference and non-judgment by the presenters produce a safe and sacred environment for you to experience your dance journey.

Breath is our closest connection to Spirit.  We demonstrate the use of the Breath of Fire to prepare you for the dance by changing your breathing pattern, which in turn shifts your consciousness.

How Dance Journey Unfolds

The experience begins with an explanation of dance journey and what to expect during the dance.  You move into the dance by creating your intention, putting on your bandana and starting the Breath of Fire.

Soon, the music comes up and you can move/dance any way Spirit or your body wants to move.  There are no dance steps to learn!  The music comes from around the world and ranges from organic rhythms and ethnic music to techno. 

Just as movement is a part of the dance, so also is stillness.  When we go into a trance state, we often slow down, stop moving entirely, sit or lie down.  All this is part of the dance and is included in the experience. 

After the music, you are instructed to sit or lie down on the floor for a period of stillness, integration and completion.  Later, you are invited to remove your bandana and start to come back into ordinary reality. 

We gather for a time of sharing and returning to ordinary reality.  The dance concludes with a closure for the entire gathering.

Our love and blessings to you as you dance the dance of life.

In addition to regularly scheduled dances, Dance Journey creates special dance journey events for individuals, groups and businesses for the purpose of spiritual growth, personal development, coaching, team building, visioning, collective problem solving, and trance-formational experiences.

Please join us for an experience that will move you – and support you.

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