About Terry Christiansen


Terry has presented over 250 Dance Journey events since May 1997 as a certified Trance Dance Presenter. He received his Trance Dance presenter training at the Natale Institute in Austin, Texas.

Most of these dance events have been open to the public with some being presented to specific groups.

Terry was proud to present Dance Journey as the closing event of the 2006 Society for Shamanic Practitioners Conference at Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, CA in July, 2006.

He presented Dance Journey at the June, 2006  International Association of Facilitators in Baltimore, MD.  He presented “Trance Dance” at the 2001 International Association of Facilitators Conference in Minnesota. His Trance Dance events were renamed Dance Journey in 2005. 

Terry also offers individual dance journeys as part of his coaching and healing practice.

Among the workshops he offers are: Igniting Your Passion with Dance Journey; Diving into the Deep End of Dance Journey; Mask Making and Dance Journeys; Dancing Your Prayers; Dance Journey Presenter Training.

Terry’s shamanic training includes all the weekend trainings of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Soul Retrieval from Sandra Ingerman, and a 2-year study of Celtic Shamanism in addition to numerous shorter trainings with Tom Cowan.

Terry started Wise Communication, Inc. in 1992 as a consulting service offering vision, values, calm and a steady hand to organizations experiencing the confusion and upheaval of change.

Terry facilitates groups dealing with strategic planning, team building, team maintenance, work process design and problematic issues.

A Certified Ontological Coach, Terry’s individual and small group coaching focuses on taking conscious, effective action to achieve fulfilling results in career, relationships and life.

Terry is a member of the Minnesota Coaches Association and a contributing member of the Minnesota Facilitators Network.  He is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and the Foundations for Shamanic Studies.

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