Types of Sessions and Events

Group Dance Events:

Dance Journey as a 2-hour day or evening event for groups of various types - spiritual, shamanic, work, volunteer, conference, men’s, women’s, etc. - or open to the public.  Call for your group dance!

Individual Sessions:

Dance Journey is a spiritual practice that lends itself well to shamanic healing, counseling and empowerment.  A variety of configurations and modalities are available to allow for flexibility and effectiveness in designing a successful collaboration between the client and practitioner.


  • Dance Journey Presenter’s Training

  • Healing and Tranceformation with Dance Journey


  • Igniting Your Passion with Dance Journey

  • The Spiritual Practice of Dance Journey

  • Dance Journey for Tranceformation

  • Dancing Your Prayers

  • A Dance Journey Weekend for Healers

  • Mask Making with Dance Journeys

Contact Us to Sponsor an Event!

In addition to regularly scheduled dances, Dance Journey creates special dance journey events for individuals, groups, classes, community education, businesses and conferences for the purpose of spiritual growth, personal development, coaching, team building, visioning, collective problem solving, and trance-formational experiences.

Please join us for an experience that will move you – and support you.

Contact Information:

Dance Journey
Terry Christiansen
57 Glen Edge Road
 Dellwood, MN   55110
Dance Journey Hotline: (651) 653-9963
Email: TC@dancejourney.com


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