What is Dance Journey and its history?

Dance Journey is a spiritual practice with an unbroken history from our earliest ancestors to many cultures today.  Our original relationship to dancing was for the purpose of admiration, respect, insight and healing. 

In those ancient times our ancestors viewed nature and all of its elements as an expression of God.  To duplicate or ‘mimic' nature through movement and sounds was their first and highest way to connect with the spirits of nature, and was the origin of dance. 

Their purpose in dancing was to ‘enter the consciousness' or ‘become the spirit' of the elements or various animal and plant life.  Through these dance rituals they experienced how the spirits of nature would empower them with abilities such as courage and strength, as well as reveal insights into healing and their future. 

Dance was synonymous with what we would call worship - a demonstration of reverence, admiration and respect - and to dance regularly promoted spiritual and physical health and vitality.  The same holds true today. 

Most of these practices, rituals and ceremonies took place at night around a fire with darkness surrounding them.  Our ancestors danced to organic rhythms provided by bows, logs, drums, sticks, rattles, shakers, flutes, and didgeridoos. 

The healings and guidance received in the dance were trusted and put into practice - for their healing and in their daily life.

There is evidence that if we look far enough back into time, nearly every culture had in its history some form of Dance Journey -  of dancing into a trance state or ecstatic dance.  It is still being practiced by the Sufi whirling dervishes, the Garifuno people of Belize, the indigenous tribes and nations of North and South America and the Aborigines of Australia among others. 

We update the elements of this spiritual practice to produce an experience we feel is as powerful as ever.  We work with four elements for the dance journey: dancing with intention, trust, going into the darkness, and breath.

Come join us for an experience that will move you.  There are no steps to learn!  All you need is a willingness to explore and to experience who you really are – spirit embodied


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