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Diving into the Deep End
of Dance Journey

Dance Journey is an immediate way of communing with our own spirit. 

Deepening our experience of Dance Journey is deepening our relationship with our spirit and the truths it reveals. 

Shamanism is the willingness to have a relationship with truth.  Come experience  Dance Journey as a true shamanic practice. 

Explore in depth the four elements of Dance Journey and shamanism: Intention, Trust, Going into the Darkness and Breath.

A variety of dances, music and learnings will be presented.

This workshop is very experiential and you will be held in love, support, understanding, non-judgment, and encouragement.


We will dedicate the weekend to explore
and experience the four elements by:

  • Using breath, our closest connection to spirit, to shift our consciousness.  Breath energizes, revitalizes and super charges our bodies with prana/life force which draws in more spirit.
  • Creating and crafting our intentions to get at the heart of the matter with clear, focused requests that serve the greater good of all.
  • Going into the darkness - the rich, fertile void - from which everything is born.  Exploring how the darkness helps us in the journey.
  • Trust - the ultimate leap of faith.   
  • Using Dance Journey, shamanic journeys, ritual, and group processes in sacred space we will dive into the deep pool of truth as revealed by spirit.

Dive in!  The water’s warm, refreshing, and rejuvenating!

Please note:  Some Dance Journey and/or shamanic drum journey experience is preferred.  Call to inquire.  

What to Bring:

  • Bring a Bandana
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing
  • Bring a friend!
  • A journal or drawing materials for recording journeys


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Okay, I'm ready for it!  I want to dive into the deep end! 

Let me know as soon as it is scheduled!

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